Why is Law Society of BC so bias?

After the scandalous, unprofessional misconduct of Lynne Knights Intake Officer, & Early Resolution, we had to go public.

Ostensibly the Law Society of BC claims their “Mission” is 

To serve the public interest by regulating the competence and integrity of legal service providers, promoting the rule of law and lawyer independence, and improving access to justice.

And they claim that their Vision is

To be a leading regulator that promotes a culture of innovation and inclusivity in responding to the challenges and opportunities in the delivery and regulation of legal services.

However that was not the case when a low-income citizen complained on  Lynne Knights Prototype

It was disgusting to find out what Lynne Knights, who works for the Law Society of BC, did when she found out that the lawyer who was being complained of was also a white high-power female with the same social status as her.   Which proved the old adage, “birds of a feather flock together”

Even more mendacious and maleficent was her slick attempt to distort the very, very simple facts.  Any member of the public with an average IQ would figure this one out.  

1) A few months ago a  business called IQ Office which is also managed by white high-status females like Lynne Knights abused a low-income citizen

2) The low-income citizen goes public, about the abuse

3) Then  IQ Office hire Emily MacKinnon, an white high-status female lawyer to threaten the low income citizen with a lawsuit, because he went public

4) As such.  The low-income citizen simply replies with an address request in order to reply to the lawsuit

5) Instead of the white high-status female lawyer replying with the address this is how she replied:

Hi Mr. Z

If you wish to pursue litigation, you will need to do your own due diligence. We remind you that we are not your counsel, and we act only in the interests of IQ. We recommend that you obtain legal advice.  Best,  Heather

6) As you can see above would she would not even give him an address to reply to the threats   Which is not only unethical, and mean-spirited it is just plain misconduct

7)  As such, the low-income citizen complained to.Lynne Knights  hoping that Ms. Knights would admonish the mean and slick conduct of her protype, another white powerful high-status female.  However that was not the case.  Instead.  Ms. Knights supported her protype, which is a white powerful high-status female.  

8) Instead. Ms. Knights lied and mislead the low-income citizen

9)  Instead of  Ms Knights  doing her job, which is to refer to the Law Societies code of professional conduct in order to prove that the lawyer was in contravention, Lynn Knight, with shame, tried to derail the focus. 

10)  Ms Knights attempted to manipulate the the low-income citizen into focusing on his moral criteria.   Because the low income citizen stated that he felt the lawyer was “very rude, even borders on malice, with blatant hostility” as well as “mean spirited and heavy handed.”   But not once referred to the Code of Professional Conduct.of the Law Society. Which was a very crooked bait and switch, and at best a Red Herring.  Anyone with a half a brain will agree that Ms Knights is to use the Code of Professional Conduct of the Law Society to make a decision.

11) It even becomes more mendacious and malicious.    Ms Knights insults the intelligence of the low-income citizen by lying and misleading.  In her own words Ms, Knights states:

I first note that the email in question was sent by a member of Ms. MacKinnon’s staff and not from Ms. MacKinnon herself. I also note that you have not provided us with a copy of your correspondence which resulted in the email in question.

Which was a complete lie, and at best reckless and incompetent.  Ms Knights was hoping the low-income citizen was either an idiot or blind. Please see the facts below.

lynne knights law society

As you can clearly see that the lawyer  Emily MacKinnon was in on it. And even after the low income citizen stated that  would escalate this to the Law Society Emily Mackinnon supported the mean-spirited reply and this misconduct.Who can say with a straight face that Ms Knights simply could have asked Emily MacKinnon to reply with an address so the low-income citizen can reply?

12) As such we clearly see a toxic and deleterious high-status powerful white female protecting another high-status powerful white female protecting each other, their prototypes.

12) To add insult to injury it gets even worse.  Lynn Knights demanded that the low-income citizen reply like a “good victim”.  Because when the low-income citizen replied with hostility, trying get justice, and being denied justice, Ms Knights got angry that the low-income citizen was not being a “good victim” so then she had one of her confederates at the Law Society send a threatening letter to the low-income citizen.

13) The next day, Ms Knights, had a David McCartney, an Investigator for the Law Society send the low-income citizen an intimidation letter.  David McCartney who works in the same office with her stated that he didn’t like the “language’ of the low-income citizen, but did not state what the inappropriate language was?  Just be a good victim?”  Not today Davey

14)  As such Davey tired to do the dirty work of Ms. Knights.  Davey stated that the low-income man is blocked and cannot continue seeking justice, such as simply have Ms. Knights answer a few questions. Which proves that these deviants are hoping a one-sided, self-serving story will succeed in denying a low-income citizen getting justice.

15) This is most unfortunate considering the Law Society exists because of instances like this – they are there to make sure their lawyers act accordingly as defined in their Act and their Code of Professional Conduct.   One can easily see that they have a portion of their office that is there to investigate complaints regarding lawyers in the Province of BC.   We have a complaint and these people have elected to not do an investigation!   A serious case of malice, misconduct and even evil.  Especially when we see since 2017 the complaints against Lynne Knights are all over Google.  See below.

BCSC Truth Movement
http://www.bcsctruthmovement.com › why-wont-lynne…


Ian Mulgrew: Law Society runaround
Vancouver Sun
https://vancouversun.com › news › national › ian-mulg…

To wrap it up.  Please join us in contacting the “Law Society” Executive Team and bring this matter to their attention. We all know that it is super easy for  Lynne Knights to protect her prototypes because it is well known that in BC low-income citizens cannot afford justice, or obtain impartial justice.

Don Avison, KC Executive Director / Chief Executive Officer
Adam Whitcombe, KC Deputy Executive Director / Deputy Chief Executive Officer
 Natasha Dookie Chief Legal Officer
Susan Forbes, KC Chief Operating Officer, Lawyers Indemnity Fund 
Lesley Small Senior Director, Professional Development, Practice Support and Credentials

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