Opinion: Flawed Broadway Plan prioritizes density—not affordability

Vancouver’s former chief planner Larry Beasley said the Broadway Plan ticks all the right technical-planning boxes, including transit-oriented development (TOD) to support the Broadway subway, and higher densities to increase the supply of housing. But it neglects the public’s need for neighbourliness, community visioning and housing that is affordable for middle incomes. Vancouver has the … Read more

AGAIN. VPD threaten and intimate low-income, vulnerable citizens.

vpd corruption

Over the years there has been many complaints against the Vancouver Police Department, especially their behavior when it comes to the homeless and low-income citizens in Vancouver.  Just Google and you will find incidents such as these: Without even being hyperbolic or exgattering it is fair to say there are several complaints against the VPD … Read more

BC NDP under fire for progress on homelessness despite massive spending

Premier David Eby found himself on the defensive this week over his government’s inability to make progress clearing homeless encampments, despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the issue. Federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre sideswiped his government with a new attack ad showing public spaces in Vancouver, Abbotsford and Kelowna that have devolved into … Read more

Why is Law Society of BC so bias?

Law Society of BC

After the scandalous, unprofessional misconduct of Lynne Knights Intake Officer, & Early Resolution, we had to go public. Ostensibly the Law Society of BC claims their “Mission” is  To serve the public interest by regulating the competence and integrity of legal service providers, promoting the rule of law and lawyer independence, and improving access to … Read more

Reviewing “Amici Curiae” or (Friends of the Courts).

It was finally time to publish a report about an organization that calls themselves “Amici Curiae” or (Friends of the Courts). Which is supposedly the brainchild of an individual who calls himself Dom Bautista of the Law Courts Center.  However as you can see below, the website for the “Law Courts Center” is dead: So … Read more

STOP THE SWEEPS asks for more time over Vancouver homeless camp cleanup

Advocates made a plea to the City of Vancouver to hold off on a second phase of a plan to clean up the site of a homeless camp in CRAB Park on Monday. Stop the Sweeps, an advocacy group, and residents of the encampment oppose the move, saying they are being offered small, fenced pens to … Read more

Is the city doing a cleanup or decampment in CRAB Park?

Commissioners with the Vancouver Parks Board reportedly “assured” the Gastown Residents Association that they would “clear” the city-sanctioned encampment in CRAB Park.  Why it matters: The City of Vancouver has insisted the intention to clean up CRAB Park next Monday is only a cleanup of the area, and that the residents would be able to return to … Read more


vancouver tent city

CRAB Park cleanup plans get clearer. (Geoff Sharpe) What happened: The city has shared more details about the plan to clean up Vancouver’s only permanent and legal encampment at CRAB Park, with the first phase set to begin March 18. But, according to CBC, residents are concerned that the cleanup may lead to a permanent decampment of residents.  Background: The city has been … Read more

Vancouver Catholic Bishop Visits Homeless Shelter during Christmas

  Archbishop Miller paid a pre-Christmas visit to the Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter to offer staff a blessing and encouragement. The facility operates at full capacity every night. (Nicholas Elbers photos) It was just days before Christmas, and there was special excitement at the Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter. A special guest was bringing staff the … Read more

B.C. Supreme Court rules against Vancouver group’s challenge to stop supportive-housing project for homeless

kitsilano homeless

Residents of a Kitsilano neighbourhood say they’re alarmed by the news the provincial government is changing legislation to push through a controversial social housing project. As Kamil Karamali reports, the housing minister isn’t ruling out using the same legislation in other parts of B.C. – Apr 18, 2023 The B.C. Supreme Court has thrown out a legal … Read more