Vancouver homeless people in tents get evicted

Vancouver police clashed with residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as the city began to remove an encampment there. The city’s fire chief ordered the tents to be cleared last month, saying they were an extreme fire safety hazard. • “Our crews are going to be facing a really difficult time pulling up here … and … Read more


APRIL 24TH 2019 PRESS CONFERENCE: Police and pitchforks: weekly raids displace and harass campers in Oppenheimer Park   City inaction despite motion “Helping Campers in Oppenheimer Park” passed six weeks ago   April 23, 2019 – It has been six weeks since a motion called “Helping Campers in Oppenheimer Park” was passed by the Parks Board and Vancouver city council, … Read more

Sadhu Johnston, Vancouver City Manager covers up abuse of the homeless

Sadhu Johnston

He is not taking any action either because he is complicit with the malfeasance, or too afraid of the hostility of the witch hunt below. Please read: Those who have a formal education will recall the famous phrase: “power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely” Rennie Keates, the Director of Gathering Place, who taxpayers pay … Read more