Reviewing “Amici Curiae” or (Friends of the Courts).

It was finally time to publish a report about an organization that calls themselves “Amici Curiae” or (Friends of the Courts). Which is supposedly the brainchild of an individual who calls himself Dom Bautista of the Law Courts Center.  However as you can see below, the website for the “Law Courts Center” is dead:

So that was the first red flag.

Then there is the first hand experience of a low-income citizen, partially-blind, living in social housing.   The low-income citizen, age 56 suffered an injustice at the hands of millionares and high-flyers who own the Cafe chain known as JJ Bean.   They abused, shamed, and slandered  the low-income citizen March 2023.  JJ Bean knew they could engage in that kind of reprehensible behavior because they new the low-income citizen cannot afford a lawyer to seek justice.

As such. The low-income citizen read the ostensible claims that “Amici Curiae (AC)”  or “Friends of Court” claim to make which is

that they will help one understand legal procedures and complete paperwork. For free. and that they provide trauma-informed services based on the principle of equal access to legal services regardless of your means.

As such, the low-income citizen thought he found some hope.  He contacted “Friends of the Court”  and finally got a reply.  After a few weeks he completed a zoom interview with a member of Amici Curiae.  The representative did see merit and credibility in the low-income citizens case.  She then advised him to submit evidence and documentation in order to “help me legal forms”.

After a few weeks the low-income citizen got a reply and was scheduled for a person to person meeting in Richmond BC.  Which gave the victim some hope at getting  justice which ostensibly “Friends of the Court” claims.

However we are not sure who screens the “volunteers”  It is most likely  Dom Bautista of the Law Courts Center. Because the victim suffered a painful confrontation with a bias/prejudice volunteer.  The volunteer was a white Canadian middle-aged female, and the victim was suing her protype which was also a white Canadian middle-aged female.

As such the person to person meeting in Richmond, BC was disqusting.  Because when the volunteer found out that the victim was suing a white Canadian middle-aged female, she started gas-lighting the victim and began interrupting the victim with toxic feminist statements such as;  “well as a woman, I would also have a problem with your conduct also”.   Which clearly high-lighted her bias.   She even wanted the victim to apologize.  The meeting was shameful, and disgraceful.

While the victim was at the meeting he did his best to walk on egg shells in order to get some help with legal forms.  He appealed to the other volunteers that were present to understand the facts, which some did agree that the low-income man was truly the victim.     However the white Canadian middle-aged female volunteer grunted and reluctantly agreed.  Then the white Canadian middle-aged female volunteer convinced the victim to spend 12 dollars on sending a certified letter to the defendant.  Which he did.  The victim was also advised to wait 30 days and then contact “friends of the court” which would ostenibly help me move to the next step.  Giving him false hope and causing the victim to lose 12 dollars.

Little did the victim know that after 30 days the the white Canadian middle-aged female who represents Amici Curiae (AC)”  or “Friends of Court .  would complete her nefarious and malicious plot.  With malice she made a spurious accusation that he sent a wrong document.  The victim asked her what is wrong with the document, he asked for clarification.    Then she decided to ignore his emails for several days.

After several days, the victim was distressed, so he asked others in the community for advice regarding this abuse of power and unprofessional conduct.  The victim was advised to contact the abuser and advise her that he will go public with her abuse. Which he did.  After no reply for several days he did send an email advising that will go public with the malice and gaslighting to protect future victims.

To add insult to injury the victim finally received a reply.  Read the MEAN SPIRIT MALICE:

Our manager has reviewed your file. We are declining to assist you further.

We refer you to the original client session record that you signed. It says: AC has no duty to provide you with further services after this session……

Kind Regards,
Client Care Crew, Legal Forms Workshop
Amici Curiae Friendship Society
778-522-2839 (unattended, please leave a message)

She argued from conclusion and not from facts just like any prejudice, hateful white-Canadian female discriminating against a middle-eastern citizen on disability income.  She found a way to block the middle-eastern man from suing her protype, which is a white-canadian middle-aged female.  Birds of a feature flock together.  One fact for sure, she is a shameful coward who did not include her name when she sent that immoral and psychotic attack.

To conclude.  Please join us in contacting Dom Bautista of the Law Courts Cente    and lets assess if he is a professional and ethical.  Dom Bautista at

Contact info:  Dom Bautista at or call or text: 778.522.2839 or write: or






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