Meet Fraser, age 55, living in Vancouver Shelters

Fraser is a 56 year old alcoholic in Vancouver, BC Canada. He is now at his third homeless shelter. In the video you will hear him say that his alcoholism is is causing him serious issues. he is currently suffering from stomach issues. We found out that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol may be a cause of acute erosive gastropathy, where the stomach lining develops ulcers, erosions, and bleeding.

Like many, Fraser had to turn down so called “housing”. The “housing” he was offered is hazardous. Such as harmful orders like feces, then there is the problem of violence and criminal activity. And of course there is the roaches, rats, and many times MOULD.

Fraser does not do needles or drugs like fentanyl, but is a serious alcoholic. Fraser himself attests that his alcoholism is “tearing his body apart” He is trying to cut down or quit from the advice of his doctor.

He tells us that community and social support are very very helpful. Because humans need connection and caring friends. Fraser stated that he found church groups to be helpful for support and community.

We hope and pray that Fraser, who does have some employment will be able to find a safe place to live in order to stabilize his life and recover from the hardships that will destroy him if does not break free.

Here is the youtube link.

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