Meet Fraser, age 55, living in Vancouver Shelters

 Fraser is a 56 year old alcoholic in Vancouver, BC Canada. He is now at his third homeless shelter. In the video you will hear him say that his alcoholism is is causing him serious issues. he is currently suffering from stomach issues. We found out that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol may be … Read more

Vancouver homeless people in tents get evicted

Vancouver police clashed with residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as the city began to remove an encampment there. The city’s fire chief ordered the tents to be cleared last month, saying they were an extreme fire safety hazard. • “Our crews are going to be facing a really difficult time pulling up here … and … Read more

Eviction Self Defence Handbook (learn your rights!)

Eviction Self Defence Handbook (learn your rights!) As a tenant in British Columbia, you have rights under residential tenancy law, and your landlord has responsibilities. The Eviction Self-Defence Handbook is designed to give you a basic understanding of those rights and responsibilities during the eviction process so that you can prepare to dispute your eviction, … Read more

Oppenheimer tent city after eviction notice

Oppenheimer park

People in the park Monday morning said there was a heavy police presence on site keeping the peace, along with staff from the park board and fire department. Candice Bryar has no idea where she will sleep next week. Bryar has been homeless for a month, staying most recently in Oppenheimer Park’s tent city, where … Read more

Battle for 58 West Hastings: Broken Promises and Co-optation, 2016-2018

58 West Hastings

For years, an empty lot at 58 West Hastings has been at the centre of a fight for social housing in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). Since 2007, it has been the site of numerous actions including the 2010 Olympic Tent Village, when women- and Indigenous-led tent cityforced Concord Pacific to abandon its condo plans for the … Read more

Weekend Workshop – On Friday May 22nd 2015 at (6:30-9:30 PM

“Life in the Margins” Weekend Workshop – On Friday May 22 (6:30-9:30 PM) and Saturday May 23 (10 AM – 4 PM), Jacob’s Well, a parachurch community in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is offering a workshop where we explore issues of charity, justice, and God’s heart for people living on the margins of society. To register, e-mail or … Read more

Vancouver BC has the 2nd least affordable housing market in the world

Vancouver has been ranked among the most unaffordable real estate markets in a recent international report, leaving economists concerned about the potential impacts of rising mortgage rates on the city’s homeowners. “Given how high house prices are relative to household incomes, you’d only have to see a moderate increase in mortgage rates to have a … Read more

Tuesday, October 14 2014 there is a Megaphone Magazine Event

A special Megaphone vendor reading part of Homelessness Action Week 2014 Join us for a special literary reading by Megaphone vendors writing about home—and the consequences of its absence. We also celebrate the launch of a redesigned, expanded Megaphone, which hits the streets as a new monthly magazine in October. Date: Tuesday, October 14  2014 … Read more

May 2014 Homeless news

Giving Voice: Megaphone launches its spring fundraising drive Today’s the day that Megaphone officially launches its fundraising drive for our writing workshop program. We’re trying to raise $15,000 by the end of the month. Megaphone’s writing workshops give a voice to people who experience poverty in Vancouver. The free workshops are run in treatment centres, shelters, social housing buildings and a university. Many of the stories … Read more