Former homelessness advocate shocked with VPD conduct

judy graves

By Srushti Gangdev and Hana Mae Nassar Posted October 25, 2023 5:05 pm. A well-known advocate for those experiencing homelessness in Vancouver says she’s “shocked” by allegations made in a complaint against a VPD officer. The complaint is now being investigated by the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, which was contacted by a local business manager … Read more

Meet Fraser, age 55, living in Vancouver Shelters

 Fraser is a 56 year old alcoholic in Vancouver, BC Canada. He is now at his third homeless shelter. In the video you will hear him say that his alcoholism is is causing him serious issues. he is currently suffering from stomach issues. We found out that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol may be … Read more

Meet Andrew. 53 year old man, 120 pounds in poor health


We meet Andrew. A 53 year old, thin and frail 120 pound fentanyl user. His story will touch you and move your spirit. Andrew says that many times just love and support and reaching out means so much. It is not just about money. Listen to Andrew’s intense and dangerous experiences. He almost died and … Read more