New Issue of Homeless Magazine ——- May 9 2014

Sites, Rites & Gratitude
New issue of Megaphone on the streets today
Vancouver’s Chinatown is changing as new residents and businesses put down stakes. In the latest issue of Megaphone out today we look at the artistic community’s efforts to retain the culture that built Chinatown.

Commemorating Chinatown: Artists bring old and new Chinatown residents together to celebrate and cement the neighbourhood’s strong history through language, culture, and art.
Rebranding the Cop Shop: Three years after the Vancouver Police Department moved out, Downtown Eastside residents are frustrated with the delay on reclaiming the former cop shop.
Granting a Voice: Megaphone launches its annual spring fundraising campaign for our writing workshops, helping vulnerable writers put pen to paper and express themselves.
One City, Many Parties: The One City municipal party hopes to catch the voters who fall between Vision Vancouver and the Coalition of Progressive Electors.

Plus: Poetry from our writing workshops; profile of Megaphone vendor Mark ‘The Spark’ Irvine; arts listings; and much more!

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