Emergency: Homeless people and supporters under attack at Thornton Park NOVEMBER 25 2016

vancouver police

Homeless people displaced from tent cities at 58 W. Hastings and Wendy Poole Park have been trying to set up shelter at Thornton Park. Police and park rangers are attacking, destroying people’s belongings and shelters and trying to forcibly remove people from the park.

Immediate support is needed all day to help defend against these attacks. Alliance Against Displacement is on the ground but more people are needed. Media presence is also requested to help prevent police brutality from escalating.

Thornton Park is at 1166 Main St. across from the Pacific Central Station and Main St. Skytrain station.

On-site contact: Sarah, 604-250-4172.


On Thursday November 24, residents of the 58 W. Hastings tent city were ordered to vacate as a result of a Supreme Court ruling in support of the City’s injunction. The residents and their supporters took over the streets of Downtown Eastside and marched together to Thornton Park, the decided-upon new site, where residents and supporters worked together in the heavy rain to set up tents. The residents of the Wendy Poole Park tent city were also forcibly displaced on Thursday and some have also moved to Thornton Park. The City’s injunction shows that the City has put the rights of private property over human rights, which must be opposed.

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