Is the city doing a cleanup or decampment in CRAB Park?

Commissioners with the Vancouver Parks Board reportedly “assured” the Gastown Residents Association that they would “clear” the city-sanctioned encampment in CRAB Park.  Why it matters: The City of Vancouver has insisted the intention to clean up CRAB Park next Monday is only a cleanup of the area, and that the residents would be able to return to … Read more


vancouver tent city

CRAB Park cleanup plans get clearer. (Geoff Sharpe) What happened: The city has shared more details about the plan to clean up Vancouver’s only permanent and legal encampment at CRAB Park, with the first phase set to begin March 18. But, according to CBC, residents are concerned that the cleanup may lead to a permanent decampment of residents.  Background: The city has been … Read more

Vancouver homeless people in tents get evicted

Vancouver police clashed with residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as the city began to remove an encampment there. The city’s fire chief ordered the tents to be cleared last month, saying they were an extreme fire safety hazard. • “Our crews are going to be facing a really difficult time pulling up here … and … Read more

Hundreds of homes for homeless in Vancouver, but not for 100S AND 100S OF DAYS.

VANCOUVER — B.C.’s housing minister announced Tuesday that 350 permanent supportive homes and nearly 100 temporary homes will be built on city-owned land, but they won’t be available for quite some time – a dual disappointment for those most impacted. Selina Robinson said the 98 temporary homes will be open by spring and noted that … Read more

Tent City & Homeless Crisis should be declared an “EMERGENCY” says Park Board Commissione

After the profound statement from Park Board Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon who said. “I’m asking the federal government, the provincial government, and the city to declare this an emergency — a crisis.” some of the people camping at Oppenheimer Park on the Downtown Eastside have made a move — to Vancouver City Hall. They’ve to set up … Read more

Oppenheimer tent city after eviction notice

Oppenheimer park

People in the park Monday morning said there was a heavy police presence on site keeping the peace, along with staff from the park board and fire department. Candice Bryar has no idea where she will sleep next week. Bryar has been homeless for a month, staying most recently in Oppenheimer Park’s tent city, where … Read more


APRIL 24TH 2019 PRESS CONFERENCE: Police and pitchforks: weekly raids displace and harass campers in Oppenheimer Park   City inaction despite motion “Helping Campers in Oppenheimer Park” passed six weeks ago   April 23, 2019 – It has been six weeks since a motion called “Helping Campers in Oppenheimer Park” was passed by the Parks Board and Vancouver city council, … Read more

Jean Swanson — Vancouver city councillor calls for more help for homeless living in tents

A tent city is once again growing in Oppenheimer Park, and one Vancouver councillor says not enough is being done to help the residents. Tents and other structures have been popping up in the Downtown Eastside park over the past few months, similar to one that sprouted up in the summer of 2014 in the … Read more

Province announces plan for new housing, support for homeless in Maple Ridge

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FROM GLOBAL NEWS   WATCH: The province has revealed details of a plan to address homelessness in Maple Ridge, a community where a tent city has been a major point of contention. John Hua reports. The provincial government has announced funding for new housing options and support programs designed to address the issue of homelessness … Read more

Homeless pledge to defy trespass notice and demand City and VPD not displace women-focused “10 Year Tent City”


At 9am on Friday April 28th, one week before the 2017 BC election and two weeks after the release of the highest homeless count in Vancouver history, a dozen homeless people and a group of supporters took over a city owned empty lot, founding a new tent city. Dubbed the “10 Year Tent City” because … Read more