Vigil for those who lost homes in Burnaby and also in support of the Demovictions Squat Thursday July 14 2016

Vigil for our lost homes in support of the Demovictions Squat

Thursday July 14

5pm onwards through the night

Outside the Demovictions Squat, 5025 Imperial Street, Burnaby

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If Amacon is successful in obtaining its immediate injunction and removal order then the courts could be ordering police to remove occupiers as early as the afternoon of that same day. We are calling for the community and other partisans of housing justice to come out for an all night vigil for the hundreds of homes that have been lost to demovictions, and the thousands that will be lost if the Downtown Metrotown plan is passed. The vigil will also be supporting the occupation and bearing witness to any police action against the Demovictions occupiers.


We plan this vigil as a family-friendly, supportive space, with no arrest risk. We will have music and BBQs on the lawn and encourage you to come and bring food to grill and share with others. While there will be a couple speakers to update and discuss the issues of demoviction, this is not a rally but a place for supporters to gather and talk and share. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Alliance Against Displacement
Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign

Information: 778-708-5006 / 778-861-9306

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