Kathleen Thomas and Sadhu Johnston who get over 400k of your money must be held accountable.

 ‘Closing Shelters Is A Human Rights Violation’ While the City Council is discussing a new housing reset report, aiming to build more housing for the middle class, shelter residents are being sent back to the streets. Yet you are paying…
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Kathleen Thomas who was fired from Toronto City Council is again engaging in misconduct

gathering place vancouver

It is sad to report that Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas who was fired from Toronto City Hall then got hired at Vancouver City Hall is now AGAIN accused of wrong doing. This time she supported the abuse of a homeless advocate and…
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Rennie Keates the Director of Gathering Place must be fired for malice

Please contact Sadhu Johnston, City Manager sadhu.johnston@vancouver.ca 604-873-7627 ASAP. He is not taking any action either because he is complicit with the malfeasance, or too afraid of the hostility of the witch hunt below. Please read: Those who have a…
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