Small Claims Court Manager denies a low-income, Middle-Eastern man a waiver of fees

It is our opinion that the Small Claims court manager committed Professional Misconduct and Discrimination against a low-income, visually disabiled, middle-eastern man recently.

What is more appalling is that Kevin Jardine Assistant Deputy Minister did not even allow the low-income man 5 minutes to hear his side, but sent the middle eastern man a letter supporting the actions of Ms. Schoon, for rejecting a low-income mans application because he has 143 dollars a month left over at the end of the month.  In addition we can see that that that Kevin Jardine Assistant Deputy Minister was not interested in the facts when he called the man the wrong name.

On Thursday March 30th 2015 a visually-impaired, low income man who is middle-eastern suffered humiliation and distress including financial distress at the hands of Jeanette Schoon, supervisor at Smalls Claims Court at Robson Vancouver. Her hostility and abuse was so egregious that he had to go public to seek justice and to encourage the public to file complaints and demand an apology.  The good citizen is very active in helping the homeless and the poor whom she denied a waiver of Small Claims Court fees. Because he has 143 bucks a month left over at the end of the month.
He is a visually impaired man (Middle-Eastern) who is on disability. Not only therefore was his income below the poverty line, but way below the poverty line. In 2014 he had a different Small Claims matter. However, at that time, when he applied for a waiver of fees, again,  suffered hostility and ridicule while others were watching by being questioned and even integrated by the Small Claims Staff with the approval of Ms. Schoon.
At that time they made him go before a judge to appeal their denial to waive his Small Claims Court fees. Which the judge absolutely agreed with the low-income man and overturned their decision.
The judge agreed with him and happily gave him a waiver of his fees. He was not hostile and mean and abusive but very reasonable and acted with a benevolent mind. Which is the reasonable thing to do. Other Social Service Ministries have a mandate that if there is any ambiguity, that the ambiguity go in the favor of the client.   In addition they advise all the staff to act with a benevolent mind. The Judge, of course,  emulated this and expected the Small Claims Court Staff to do the same.
However, just recently, on March 30 2015, this was not the case.
 Again. In our opinion.  He was subjected to ridicule and hostility and humiliation at the hands of Ms. Schoon. At first he dealt with her assistant who was well aware that he prevailed last year and was waiting for him with malice to deny his waiver application again.
She really did a number on him this time. First she told him to take a bus and get all his bank statements, which he did because he is a good citizen. After several hours he returned after having the bank print out all his bank statements.
After all this, he thought that would be the end of it.  However. Again, this time he was subjected to hostility and humiliation while others in the building were watching.  He even reminded her that the next day (March 31) is mediation and he will not have time to see the judge again.  He also reminded her what the judge did last year.  However, when he tried to reason with her it was futile.
He also decided to test her to see if she is acting with malice.
He wrote in the FOOD section that he only spend 5 dollars a day for food.
However she proved his hypothesis when she had no problem with him stating that he spends 5 dollars a day on food.  He also put that his entertainment expense was ZERO. Not even a penny a day.
Again. That was not odd to her that he dosen’t spend a penny a month on entertainment..
To make a long story short she denied him again. After she denied him again, he then asked if he may speak to Ms. Schoon, the Small Claims Supervisor.
However Ms. Schoon was extremely unreasonable and had no intention to act with a benevolent mind, but with a very mean-spirited mind.
When he surprised her that it actually takes 15 dollars a day to eat, she accused me of “changing my numbers” At the end she even stated that he should pay the 60 dollar fee and have 80 dollars in the city of Vancouver for a whole month
Because he did not meet “HER THRESOLD” which was that a Middle-Eastern man must be penniless and begging for money on the streets on Granville before she would grant a waiver.
Which, again, we proved last year,  that is not consistent with the Judges decision in 2014. And, again, we are sure the Judge would be shocked with “her threshold”,  which borders on a “malicious threshold”.
Returning to the incident. This time he was ready for her malice. Since he was in a public place, he used his phone to video-tape her stating that she is denying him because he has 143 dollars left at the end of month and admitting that she had a problem that he changed 5 dollars a day on food to 15 dollars a day on food.
After that.  Ms.Schoon, with hostility, threatened him with the sheriffs. She hoped that the Sheriffs would carry out her hostility. However the Sheriffs had no problem with him and just instructed him to file a formal complaint, which he did.
To conclude. We are sure that in Vancouver you’re aware that there are 100’s who are qualified to do Ms. Schoon’s job.
And that we are not so desperate that we have to have a mean-spirited and abusive woman humiliating and abusing a middle-eastern man, visually impaired and on disability.
The public would not stand for that and neither should you. That 56 dollars that she made him pay would have bought him eggs, bread, milk, vegetables, fruit, and meats. But she gladly took his 56 dollars, which was heartless, and abuse.
We are quite sure no one would deny that Ms. Schoon, would have bent over backwards if it had been a woman.
Incidentally. In our opinion, the two male staff at the Small Claims Court Registry display fear of her because she is a bully. However, of course, they would never admit this due to fear of reprisal.   These two men in the past did accept my waiver of fees in another court matter. But, as mentioned.  This time when he applied it was her assistant, which as you read above, lead to a hostile and mean-spirited abuse of my whole day and being humiliated and threatened with sheriffs.
And if you believe in common sense. It is common sense that she should have waived 56 dollars instead of him going to the judge and spent court time which will cost taxpayers, probably cost 560 dollars, which is 10x more than 56 dollars. Not to mention now, the complaint investigation time, in investigating this.
In our opinion. She doesn’t care, because she will still get her paycheck.
Here is 5 minutes of the incident
We request that you help him get that 56 dollars back and that you take action against such venomous misconduct.  Contact the following and have them investigate this scandal and malice.

1) Contact CBC

2) Richard Fyfe, QC Deputy Attorney General

3) MLA: Spencer Chandra Herbert

4) B.C. Office of the Ombudsperson.



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