Paul Mochrie continues his corrupt and unprofessional actions now with the Balmoral Hotel Crisis

What a stunning and disturbing scene when we saw Paul Mochrie standing in front of reporters pretending that he is doing his job
by taking action against the notorious Balmoral Hotel.  However, the truth is that we never saw Paul Mochrie in front of reporters

Paul Mochrie
Paul Mochrie

before, ONLY UNTIL, Wendy Pederson, who, has been an advocate for the poor for years demanded that Paul Mochrie do his job and stop collecting 200 000 dollar paychecks while people are suffering and dying at the Balmoral Hotel.

wendy pedersen, has been advocating for the poor for years.

How hard would have it been been for Paul Morchie to have thanked Wendy Pedersen who is leader of the SRO Collaborative Society?  It was because of Wendy Pedersen and not Paul Morchie that action has finally been taken to protect citizens from the hazards at the Balmoral Hotel.

Paul Mochrie is responsible for the joint management of the City of Vancouver and oversees the Emergency Management Department within the City Manager’s Office It was absolutely disgraceful and a serious act of malfeasance when he supported the abuse of a homeless advocate in the past.  Paul Mochrie even sanitized the actions of the abuser.

Paul Mochrie turned a blind eye to the recent abuse either because he was complicit with the malfeasance or was too afraid of the hostility of the witch hunt who Rennie Keates is guilty of when she abused her position as the director of Gathering Place Community Center.


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