Outragious and Serious Misconduct at the Ministry of Social Development

Recently we wrote about a person with disabilities who needed a cast/knee brace which an EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN prescribed to a patient who suffered knee trauma.

We mentioned that it was time Michelle Stilwell the Minister of Social Development  answer for the abuse and distress her staff have caused those who are suffering from medical issues.

michelle_stillwell_smallJust recently on Wednesday April the 27 2016 a person on disability  (PWD) had to go to emergency for a knee injury.  The Physician prescribed him a cast/knee brace   The PWD client did exactly as instructed and filed a service request to the Ministry’s rude and mean staff.

After a few days, on Friday April 29 2016, he called to inquire about the knee brace.  Instead of him receiving help for his injury he received abuse and malice.  He was told that he had to convince a London Drugs Cashier to fax in the cost of the knee brace because the copy he gave is from the London Drugs catalogue is not acceptable, which is outrageous.

To add insult to injury they all requested that he returns to the hospital and find the Emergency Doctor and have him write that he must wear the brace more than 6 hours a day. Which again is outrageous.

Now we are 2 days late in wearing the cast, which borders on malice and malpractice.

You would think the misconduct and the abuse would end there but it becomes worse.  The injured citizen called back again on Friday and the rude and abusive staff became very malicious and slammed the phone on the injured citizen on disability.

After he threatened to go public he did get a call on Monday from another mean Ministry worker. Her name was Donna Slavik.  She must have been the meanest woman the Ministry must have.

Donna Slavik said that if he went and got a another quote for a cast she would quickly process the cast and he would have it FINALLY AFTER 6 DAYS.

However after what you read next you will agree that the person with disabilities who needed a cast 6 days ago was traumatized by Donna Slavik and/or the Ministry.

On the 7th day the person with disabilities who needed a cast 6 days ago calls Donna Slavik and inquires if he received the quote which Sports Med themselves sent her.


So after all this trauma the PWD citizen is 1) doing more damage to his leg, 2) now suffering a crisis, 3) suffering sleeping problems 4) is in deep despair and doesn’t know what to do.  5) He has been without a cast for over a week and Ms Donna Slavik is laughing on her vacation.

First she said that he must submit another quote, then  Donna Slavik said that she is on vacation.  If the Emergency Physician became aware of this he would call for her resignation.

However.  Donna Slavik and the other Ministry Staff are well aware that the poor can’t even afford with the few hundred dollars a month, how can they afford a lawyer?

Update:  On Wednesday May 4th 2016 we called the BC ombudsman who told us to contact the supervisor of the local office.

Marla Crowley
Telephone Number 604 660-9182
FAX 855 771-8727
Email Marla.Crowley@gov.bc.ca

As of today the Ministry of Social Development put his file in limbo which is a very cruel and slimey scheme. Because he cannot appeal it because it is not “technically” a denial.  And the staff just laugh to the bank and collect their next check which is from hard working taxpayers.

Please contact head of the Ministry of Social Development Michelle Stilwell and demand an apology

 Michelle Stilwell
Minister of Social Development & Social Innovation
PO Box 9058 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9E1

Send an email to the Minister
Telephone: 250 356-7750
Fax: 250 356-7292

 Donna Slavik  contact is
and her direct line is
250 638 6596

Friday May 6 UPDATE

Thanks to our hard work, finally another member from the Ministry of Social Development contacted the injured client and processed his cast/knee brace.  Thanks to everyone for all your support.

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