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Ending Homelessness


Kris Cronk sells Megaphone at the corner of Seymour and Dunsmir. In the new issue of Megaphone out today, the formerly homeless vendor shares a story about how helping someone should be its own reward. For the next two weeks, Megaphone vendors will be selling this issue, which also features:

Take me home: Now in his second term, Mayor Gregor Robertson sits down with Megaphone to discuss how he’s going to achieve his goals of ending street homelessness and creating more affordable housing.
Shut out: Former COPE councillor Ellen Woodsworth and current executive director Sean Antrim take on the Mayor’s Housing Affordability Task Force report, which they say ignores our poorest residents.
We’re jammin’: Music BC Charitable Foundation is bringing B.C. musicians together to collaborate in their first annual Celebration of BC Music and Music Education, raising funds for music education for children in B.C.
Also in this issue: Senator Patrick Brazeaupledges his support for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada; Pivot Legal Society sues the city for ticketing homeless people who sleep outdoors; poetry from our Downtown Eastside writing workshops; arts listings; horoscopes; and more.
Megaphone Magazine. Just $2. Every 2 weeks. Find your vendor and get a copy today.
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