December 17, 2012 6pm—The Servants of hope society –

The Servants of hope society – outreach and events

Feeding the Homeless at Christmas in pigeon park

December 17, 2012 6pm

We are in need of Corporate Sponsorship.

You are invited to attend this event by me the event coordinator

Contact Sean H. 604-720-9335

Receipts for Income Tax Deduction Provided

For the 7th year in a row, more than 100 recovering addicts from the greater Vancouver area get together and go into the Downtown Eastside to feed the homeless and do outreach. Bringing the message of Hope And Recovery to the Downtown Eastside. The success of the last 6 years of outreach involved over 100 people with minimal financial and material support. We were still able to feed and meet the needs of over 1000 people each year. The majority of the people involved with this cause have a history of substance abuse and a high percentage of those people came from the downtown eastside and are now free from their addictions and are productive members of society today. It is both a privilege and an honor for me and the people involved being able to give back to those in need during such a dark and lonely time.

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