BC Homeless meets Theresa in the Downtown east side in Vancouver, BC

THERESA homeless
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Thanks to anonymous donors such as Solomon, BC Homeless can offer the poor more than just a sandwich or a cup of juice.  We can now offer them a significant cash donation and amplify their voice — bringing awareness.  Which makes it easier for them to connect wth those whom seem distant.

On Sunday September 10th 2023, I was in the downtown eastside in Vancouver;  I was at Oppenheimer Park. I ran into

Oppenheimer Park
Oppenheimer Park

Theresa, a pleasant lady, in her 50’s, who is “semi-homeless”.   As you will hear in the video, Theresa lives in a very tiny SRO, which means SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY.   Sadly, as you will hear in the video, it is invested with roaches and is extremely small, and it becomes worse, the room has poor venilation, lacking fresh-air.  Theresa states those sub-human conditions and unhealthy conditions leads her and many others to live part-time in a tent.  As such.  Theresa frequently lives in a tent under a bridge.  Theresa stated that ensures she gets “fresh-air” which should be a human right.  

Regarding the winter season, when it gets very cold I asked Theresa how she stays warm, she told me she has to use a generator to generate heat.  Wow. third-world conditions in Canada, which is quit chilling, no pun intended. 

Harm Reduction, “Safe Injection Sites”

Seriously. It was such a relief to meet Theresa.  Because she had years of first-hand experience with addicts and the drug world.  Which is why it as so blissful to hear Theresa state that her disinterment with the so called “harm reduction”.  As you will hear in the video Theresa states that giving addicts and the homeless free drugs is not harm reduction it is harm infliction.  She goes on further to state that it becomes more egregious when other days of the public have to pay for their drugs.  See the video to understand.

Homelessness and recovery

Again. Theresa is a professor in disguise.  When I asked Theresa why some people remain homeless and addicted.  As you will see from the video Theresa states that ATTITUDE plays a huge role.  Theresa states that she witnessed many homeless who enjoy being homeless and just want to ingest free drugs all day.  Theresa stated that if they would change their attitude and make an honest effort to get of the streets, many would be successful. 

Here is the full interview, which is less than 9 minutes.  Enjoy.




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