Reduction in Vancouver shelter beds puts homeless at risk in winter weather, advocacy group says

Ken Rafuse carries a Christmas tree to his home as a homeless man sleeps on the sidewalk outside a downtown business in Vancouver, on Monday December 10, 2012. Photograph by: DARRYL DYCK , THE CANADIAN PRESS Fears about the availability of shelter space for Vancouver’s homeless population persist, as the number of people living on the … Read more

Extreme Weather Alert update

The Extreme Weather Alert (EWA) for 19 December called by the Vancouver Extreme Weather Response Team has now been cancelled. EWAs are issued under section 2(2)(b) of the provincial Assistance to Shelter Act. Facebook Comments Box

Pivot Legal Society : Laws affecting homeless need updating

Opinion: Laws affecting homeless need updating A compassionate society should not allow laws to marginalize the rights of vulnerable people Everyone wants to see the problem of homelessness solved, but bylaws that criminalize it are not helpful. Laws reflect the moral and ethical principles of our society. As those principles shift, so too should our … Read more

Homeless Man gets interviewed by CBC radio regarding throwing the first pitch in baseball

Homeless Man gets interviewed by CBC radio regarding throwing the first pitch in baseball   A Great Pitch Megaphone Street Paper vendor Kris Cronk on what it means to throw the first pitch at Vancouver Canadians baseball game. THE EARLY EDITION | Jul 24, 2012 | 3:56 Facebook Comments Box

Alberni shelter-neighbour pact in works

The society overseeing construction of a new shelter on Eighth Avenue is reaching out to neighbours who are opposed to the plan by drafting a “good neighbour” agreement. It is just one step in moving forward to making the shelter a reality, Port Alberni Shelter Society spokesperson Myron Jespersen told city councillors last week. The … Read more

December 17th, 2012 ‘Megaphone Appreciation Day’

  Megaphone Appreciation Day Hello Johnny, I’m very honoured to announce the City of Vancouver is proclaiming Monday, December 17th, 2012 ‘Megaphone Appreciation Day‘. The declaration is in recognition of Megaphone’s impact in helping give homeless and low-income people in Vancouver an economic opportunity and a voice and for strengthening communities across our city. And … Read more

Support the Door Is Open

 Support the Door Is Open which has feed 100’s weekly for several years   The Door Is Open isrelocating from 373 Cordova Street to 255 Dunlevy Avenue. The move and renovation of the new space is necessary to address the current and future needs of the neighbourhood. Please support The Door Is Open one or more ways: Pray … Read more

Ending Homelessness: Mayor Robertson’s promise to end homelessness gets a check-up

  By Katie Hyslop Nov 30, 08:41 AM   Mayor Gregor Robertson sits down with Megaphone in our latest issue to talk about the challenging road ahead to end homelessness and increase affordable housing in Vancouver. From the difficulty of putting shelter and affordable housing in neighbourhoods that don’t want them, to working with the … Read more


Ending Homelessness FROM MEGAPHONE MAGAZINE  Kris Cronk sells Megaphone at the corner of Seymour and Dunsmir. In the new issue of Megaphone out today, the formerly homeless vendor shares a story about how helping someone should be its own reward. For the next two weeks, Megaphone vendors will be selling this issue, which also features: Take me home: Now in his … Read more

Too much compassion is what’s letting homeless sleep on the street

We would like to thank Metro News for publishing our reply  to Paul Sullivan’s article titled: “Too much compassion is what’s letting homeless sleep on the street” This was my reply to his article and we thank Metro News for publishing my reply.  We at take offense to Mr. Sullivan’s arrogant and cold (opposite of HEAT) statements. … Read more