Why is City Reach organization not diverse and excluding minorities?

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Vancouver is known for its vast diversity and community.  Which is why BC Homeless was very concerned when we found out that the leadership at CityReach where all white anglo saxon protestants.  How did does that happen by coincidence?  That is practically impossible.  Before we continue have a look for yourself:

cityreach walk

Is that what Vancouver is?  100% white anglo saxon?   Even a 5th grader can answer that question.

The reason this has become a serious issue and came on our radar is because in 2018 a middle-eastern homeless volunteer felt discriminated against when he helped Cityreach with their fundraisers.  At that time the middle-eastern man was treated adversely at their annual “City Walk fundraiser”.  However we did not go public, nor did we confront the Cityreach leadership, and hoped it was an isolated incident and the 100% non-minorities in leadership was a coincidence.  But things became worse.

In February 2020 the middle-eastern decided to give them another chance and help them out again. So the middle-eastern man decided to volunteer again for their annual city walk fundraiser.  He was a Marshall for the walkers and runners.  And they placed him at the most difficult position on commercial drive which is known for 1000’s of pedestrians daily.  However the middle-eastern volunteer did not complain, he even brought a music player to entertain the walkers/runners and draw attention to the fundraiser.  It was a huge success.  Dozens and dozens of the public loved the music and dozens and dozens of walkers/runners thanked him for the encouraging music.

As such.  The “Cityreach Photographer” who was assigned to take photos of the event also noticed the music and the crowd.  The photographer took several photos of the middle-eastern volunteer and even thanked the volunteer for the music.

cheryl mcmanus
cheryl mcmanus

Then fast forward to payback time.  A few days later.  CHERYL MCMANUS who is organizing the fundraiser deletes the pictures of the middle-eastern man which is atrocious.  Unless you are on cheap drugs you will agree that this was deliberate, especially when you see all the photos of the event.  CHERYL MCMANUS  expects you to believe that the photographer did not consider the most popular street, Commercial Drive, photo worthy?  Or that it happens every day that CHERYL MCMANUS  includes female volunteers not on the main route but excludes middle-eastern volunteers who are on the main route who has a photo worthy picture which was him with a huge music player.  You will also see that the sequence of photos start from the beginning of the route to the end of the route but all of a sudden the Commercial drive photos are deleted. Then factor in the photos we showed you above, of the all white anglo saxon leadership and we can draw reasonable inferences.


In closing.  When a volunteer who is a minority, offers his time for free and stands outside for hours on a cold winter night he should be thanked not humiliated and treated adversely.  If this happened to a woman Cheryl would be screaming “bloody murder”.  If we believe the principle “shoe must be worn on the other side” then Cheryl should resign because a male would have been forced to resign if a male in leadership committed such an atrocious act.  However, the principle “shoe must be worn on the other side” seems not to apply in Vancouver.  Where it has become a sanctuary city for white anglo saxon females.

We demand an apology for the distress middle-eastern volunteer who not only is denied a thank you but was humiliated and distressed for standing outside in the cold so people can give money to Cheryl’s salary.  While she laughs to the bank.  Those who made donations deserve better.

You can try contacting Mr Simon Gau, but he is most likely either her friend or too afraid to confront her.  Which is why we went public.




cityreach walk
As we see above. Cheryl made sure that female volunteers got their thank yous.

Out of 342 pictures of practically everyone.  The excluded a middle-eastern man who was on Commercial drive, the main route of the walk/run.

What is the mathematically probability that the middle-eastern volunteer on the main route would be excluded ?





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