ABOUT BC Homeless Blog

BC Homeless Blog is a blog run by volunteer such as Johnny Zakharia living in Vancouver

He has been helping the poor and homeless for over 20 years.  He has also been seeking justice and has engaged in activists work.  Johnny also takes donations and gives them to homeless.  For example, every Monday night he uses your donations to nutrition the homeless and low-income citizens with MILK AND VITAMIN C JUICE, only because of your donations.  The nutrients in milk such as protein, Vitamin D, Calcium, etc are absolutely necessary for those living outside.  In addition.  Street people and low-income highly benefit from Vitamin C to protect from adverse health problems.

Johnny Zakharia, is a low-income, partially-blind, citizen, living in an SRO.  John is too poor to be an organization or a group, etc.  The Internet company called WordPress offers free websites and free blogs to millions.  As such. This blog is one of millions of blogs online.

Here are pictures offering food to street people.  To make a donation please click here.

john zakharia vancouver
Helping the homeless on the streets.

johnny zakharia vancouver

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