Mission Possible transforms lives through meaningful work. We walk alongside people facing barriers to employment by providing supportive, transitional work experience and community for those who are ready to enter the workforce.

It can be difficult to build a sustainable livelihood for people overcoming homelessness, poverty, substance use, or other barriers like physical or mental disabilities.

Through our Employment Readiness Program and two social enterprises, Mission Possible transforms lives by helping people experience a renewed sense of dignity and purpose.

Mission Possible is a community economic development agency operating in Vancouver Downtown Eastside district, founded in 1992. Mission Possible supports individuals who are challenged with poverty to navigate their journey to a sustainable livelihood. This is done through employment training and individual coaching in the Employment Readiness Program, and by offering transitional work opportunities in social enterprises.

Mission Possible runs two social enterprises, MP Maintenance and MP Neighbors, offering empowerment through opportunity. Mission Possible provides the training, support, and work experience to help people create a sustainable livelihood that benefits participants and the community.

Services and Social Enterprises

Mission Possible is organized into these departments:

  • Employment Readiness Program (ERP) – Supports individuals experiencing barriers to employment. Offers skills training, work experience, and employment support, such as creating a resume and gaining references. The ERP functions as a stepping stone transitioning into a more permanent employment opportunity.

  • MP Maintenance – Provides training and direct short-term employment in property maintenance tasks such as window washing, graffiti removal, painting, and general grounds clean-up. It is a full service exterior property cleaning company that provides high calibre services while employing individuals with barriers to employment.

  • MP Neighbors – a community-based solution to community safety and security. Crews complete regular neighborhood routes in the Downtown Eastside, providing outreach and referral services to people on the streets, checking in with businesses, and building connections between these diverse groups. Additionally, the Neighbors program does needle pick-up, a service that impacts Vancouver by keeping it cleaner and safer.

  • Recycling Pick-Up – Works together with a local recycling company to perform home and office materials recycling pick-up.

  • Power Breakfast & Coffee House – offers a weekend meal service for Downtown Eastside community members who wish to build connection to Mission Possible without yet joining the Employment Readiness Program.

Mission Impossible Values


We are fully committed to our mission, work tirelessly to achieve it, and turn challenges into opportunities through innovation.


We affirm the skills and abilities others have and give them the opportunity to exercise those through mutual accountability.


We believe in second chances, are sensitive to trauma and possess a strong desire for everyone to experience dignity and belonging.


We are confident about what we know, honest about what we don’t, and resist a savior complex. We have no room for egos.


We help others access the resources they need and recognize our own role in contributing to our mission.

Mission Impossible’s History

Mission Possible has been transforming lives through meaningful work for more than three decades. We help people navigate the complex maze of challenges to find lasting change—whether those obstacles be major life trauma, low income, living with disabilities, homelessness, substance use or other barriers to employment.

What began as a faith-based humanitarian agency in 1992 has since evolved into a full-scope community economic development agency—a charity focused on creating lasting change rather than exclusively meeting basic needs.

A cornerstone of this focus is our innovative Employment Readiness Program, which is built to bridge precarious life situations with stable employment. The program provides coaching, training and on-the-job work experience through two social enterprises, called MP Maintenance and MP Neighbours, which employ an average of 90 people per year. These transitional jobs foster self-learning and confidence while paving a path to future success—allowing people to transform their lives and experience a renewed sense of empowerment and purpose.










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