Meet Andrew. 53 year old man, 120 pounds in poor health


We meet Andrew. A 53 year old, thin and frail 120 pound fentanyl user. His story will touch you and move your spirit. Andrew says that many times just love and support and reaching out means so much. It is not just about money. Listen to Andrew’s intense and dangerous experiences. He almost died and … Read more

Homeless man lived and died in an electrical closet in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

homeless death

Advocates say the death of Dino Bundy shows need for housing solutions Dino (Boomer) Bundy moved into an electrical closet after he was locked out of his low-cost rental unit in Vancouver. CBC’s Susana da Silva spoke with him about his struggle to find shelter just days before he died in the place where he … Read more

Vancouver homeless people in tents get evicted

Vancouver police clashed with residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as the city began to remove an encampment there. The city’s fire chief ordered the tents to be cleared last month, saying they were an extreme fire safety hazard. • “Our crews are going to be facing a really difficult time pulling up here … and … Read more

Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) 2018 Report—Worst Year for Homeless [ 34 page Report]


Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) 2018 Report March 12, 2018 Downtown Eastside Housing Crisis Worse than it‘s ever been VANCOUVER COAST SALISH TERRITORIES–2017 was the worst year for homeless Downtown Eastside (OTES) residents since the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) began doing annual housing and hotel reports in 2008. Last year 500 tenants were evicted … Read more