Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan and his draconian boiling from scheme

On Monday, July 24th 2017 Burnaby City Council will vote on its destructive “Metrotown Downtown Plan.” If this plan is approved, the entire Metrotown neighbourhood will be impacted: thousands of rental apartments will be demolished to make way for high-rise luxury condos, and thousands of current low-income and working class residents will be displaced.

For the past year, the Stop Demovictions Burnaby campaign has been trying to stop the rampant demoviction of Metrotown renters, but mayor Derek Corrigan and his BCA dominated City Council have ignored the voices of

Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan
those harmed by their policies. Even when an alternative “People’s Plan for Metrotown” has been compiled and presented to them, they have refused to engage with it (see stopdisplacement.ca/burnaby for the People’s Plan).

So Stop Demovictions Burnaby is organizing community-wide opposition to the upcoming vote and we need you to be part of it. When City Council meets to vote on the “Metrotown Downtown Demoviction Plan”, we need to be there to stop it and demand a neighbourhood that is affordable, diverse and welcoming.

Please come to City Hall on Monday, July 24th @ 6:30 pm for a rally followed by the city council meeting @ 7:00 pm, and express your refusal to be displaced from your homes and your community. Together we want to declare: “We Won’t Go!”

For more information, email organize@stopdisplacement.ca or call / text (604) 358-5254

BE VERY MINDFUL OF THE “The Boiling Frog Syndrome”. 

Because on the future we will look back and admit that the actions of Derrick the Mayor were fascist and tyrannical.  Even in other parts of the world, they consider this shocking, when a mayor kicks out thousands of poor people.  Did anyone notice this?  OR are you stuck in a narrow minded perception that this is just a zoning issue?  Bottom Line we must take action NOW. 
Even the BC Civil Liberties Commission and every organization must take this seriously.
We will look back at this and say, “wow, did that really happen, a mayor kicking out thousands of poor people out of their city, and we did nothing”.  Shame.

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