Has Megaphone Magazine become MegaLeft?

For those who might not be aware of Megaphone Magazine it is a “street newspaper” that is sold by “street people“.  You will see frequently homeless people selling it for a suggested donation of at least 2 dollars.

The homeless and low-income sell it to promote awareness of homelessness. As such; NOT transgender issues. Especially if they have a good home and eat 3 meals a day.

Sean Condon the executive director of Megaphone Magazine must do two things 1) apologize to the donors of Megaphone Mag and 2) apologize to the homeless who are suffering serious ailments and dangers.

When one sees the FRONT COVER of the July Megaphone Issue they will clearly notice that it is not about homelessness, but about transgendered; That is clearly not a homeless issue I am sure you agree.  One will also notice that Megaphone Magazine discusses the issues of a transgendered teen WHO happens to be HOUSED AND EATING WELL.

Who would disagree that the FRONT COVER should have focused on a homeless teen?

For those who are not aware of Housing First their research proves that without housing a homeless person is in very serious danger of harm and / or death.

Housing First has been recognized as an important policy towards ending homelessness by both the Canadian and the United States federal governments.

• Housing First has been shown to: increase housing stability; improve quality of life, and improve health and addiction outcomes; reduce involvement with police and the justice system; reduce costs associated with justice system and health expenditures; and reduce hospitalization and emergency visits.

• Housing First has been implemented in both Canada and the United States, in addition to several European countries.

Many donors and supporters who donated and supported Megaphone Magazine were unaware that Sean Condon would come in remove focus on the homeless and shift the focus on his political views.  That, in our opinion, is a breach of trust, and, a betrayal to most donors and supporters.

In addition, 100s of homeless teens would have benefited immensely if they were on the FRONT COVER of the July issue instead a transgendered teen who is housed and getting 3 meals a day.

It is time for us at BChomeless.com to publish a “homeless” magazine and feature on the FRONT COVER homeless citizens who die early in life and suffer from many afflications and maladies.  (Coming Sept 1 2016)

Please join us in encouraging the Megaphone Staff to MegaFOCUS on the MegaHOMELESS.

One thing you can do is to contact the Megaphone Magazine staff and ask them to show integrity and professionalism and publish a story about this injustice.


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