How unaffordable is the Metro Vancouver housing market?

How unaffordable is the Metro Vancouver housing market? What income you need to afford a Metro Vancouver detached house? We are sure that several years from now, sociologists and universities will write about the largest deception in history.  The deception that no one noticed UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE.  They will write that one day … Read more

Homeless Conference Friday March 18 2018 Friday, March 16, 2018 SESSION 2: Homelessness 1:00 pm: The Real Causes of Homelessness JUDY GRAVES, Housing & Homelessness Advocate 1:15 pm: Causes and Solutions to Homelessness STEFANIA SECCIA, Journalist & Managing Editor, Megaphone Magazine 2:15 pm: 2017 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count DAVID WELLS, Dean, Vancouver Community College & Chair of Aboriginal Steering Committee … Read more

Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan and his draconian boiling from scheme

On Monday, July 24th 2017 Burnaby City Council will vote on its destructive “Metrotown Downtown Plan.” If this plan is approved, the entire Metrotown neighbourhood will be impacted: thousands of rental apartments will be demolished to make way for high-rise luxury condos, and thousands of current low-income and working class residents will be displaced. For … Read more