AGAIN. VPD threaten and intimate low-income, vulnerable citizens.

Over the years there has been many complaints against the Vancouver Police Department, especially their behavior when it comes to the homeless and low-income citizens in Vancouver.  Just Google and you will find incidents such as these:

Vancouver police officer accused of mistreating homeless man
Vancouver police officer accused of mistreating homeless man

Without even being hyperbolic or exgattering it is fair to say there are several complaints against the VPD regarding these types of misconduct.  However it is very rare for the low-income citizens to get justice.  Now imagine if it was a low-income citizen AND a non-white?  

Just a few weeks ago where heard the unthinkable.   How often do you hear in the news that a Black organization is breaking ties with a Police department?  It is quite rare indeed.  However  that is exactly what happened here in Vancouver.  The VPD again, being accused of mistreating non-whites.  This was on CBC and everywhere.


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